nass magnet’s new online presence

nass magnet’s new online presence

The dawn of a new era — digitalised processes and information

The course is set for digitalisation. As we embark on this challenge, I would like to briefly take you down the road that we have been steadily building for years: the digitalisation of nass magnet.

We are further developing ourselves and our processes wherever there are real benefits to be had from digital solutions. This is a significant milestone for the company group, as we forge new paths with our online presence – for sales, recruiting, and among ourselves. Not least, we want to create the framework for the future of nass magnet. It targets precisely those areas where our previous measures had room for improvement and where there are new opportunities: flexible, always available, and a clever addition to the existing communication pathways.

In concrete terms, we are talking about the digital product catalogue, the “Insights” blog and a modern redesign. But let us delve a little deeper, and take a look at these areas and the opportunities they hold.

Simple navigation of the product range – the digital product catalogue

One of the most important points of contact is our digital product catalogue, which offers important self-service functions for our customers. This will be a fitting addition to the product range in our online shop and our direct online sales. The goal to the digital product catalogue is to present our products to our customers in a smart, modern format. Meanwhile, users benefit from an efficient system of filters and display functions. In the course of creating the product catalogue, we have also restructured our product range.

Yet another feature of the product catalogue will be the integration of additional contact points. For example, users will be prompted directly to follow and share. In addition, users will be offered the option to receive automated notifications about product news, prices and the company group. With these measures, we are reinforcing the hot points of our lead generation strategy for new customers and sales.


In the course of restructuring, it was also time to revise the design. We wanted to create a modern, functional design. Our primary focus was on user experience and responsiveness –i.e. the user-friendliness in terms of appearance and navigation, as well as optimal handling and design on all devices, whether mobile or stationary. Not least, we wanted to combine the website and online shop into one shared online presence. Finally, we are able to present a generally revised online presence, which provides clarity with a simplified page structure and a central menu.

Improved contact options and information pages

Our in-house magazine iMAGE clearly demonstrates how we combine the analogue and digital worlds. The magazine will remain in print, alongside a new online version. With "Insights" – the blog of the company group – we will publish digital excerpts of our in-house magazine. This will be accompanied by an online channel for all the latest news about our company and our products.

Another important service point is our contact to the user. Be it new applicants or prospective customers, our new online presence will be targeted to appeal to them. The careers page is a good example of this. Visitors to this page can not only find it easily via the navigation, but also get an overview of the various opportunities – from internships to permanent positions. There, our popular “nasscot” conveys all the essential information and company values. Meanwhile, our sales centre factually and directly connects users to the relevant colleagues in the department.

We are also shining more of a spotlight on our product range. There, we report on current projects and developments, highlight application areas and take our customers on a journey through Industry 4.0. This not only supports our modern, innovative image, but encourages users to spend more time on our website.

The service concept of the new online presence is rounded off by a variety of documents, which are available for download.

Outlook — opportunities and goals

Our online presence is already designed to maximise the benefit for our customers – and our current projects are laying the vital foundation for it. That’s why we are making the online channel the focus of both our editorial and personnel activities. Because one thing is clear: there is still unharnessed potential. Here is a brief outlook of our next steps:

In future, we want to further advance the automation of processes. This includes automated notifications regarding important news about products and documents (e.g. new versions of documents, such as approvals or product data sheets).

Although our new online presence already covers many services, we are also working on solutions for location-specific content. For each of our sites, the www.nassmagnet.com website will offer location-specific and language-specific content. The respective websites will be accessible via the respective country code at the end of the web address. For example, the website for the Hungarian site will be available in Hungarian at www.nassmagnet.hu.

Lastly, we want to live our company value of “Togetherness” online too, by using social media. In doing so, we aim to boost our reputation and attract new customers via the platforms Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, we also want to benefit from online discourse, by first and foremost presenting new products and research online for dissemination and discussion by the public.

Raphael Laschke
Head of Marketing, nass magnet GmbH


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