Industry 4.0 by nass magnet


Industry 4.0 by nass magnet

The economy is facing the fourth industrial revolution.

The topic Industry 4.0 has been circulating for years and is indispensable in connection with digitalization and the future of production.

Initiated by the Federal Government's High-Tech Strategy and continuously developed further by the Platform Industry 4.0, this future project is an indispensable topic for small, medium-sized and large companies in Germany.

The fourth industrial revolution

The future is at the door! With the Industry 4.0, a wide range of new technologies are being introduced into modern production. As a leading manufacturer of solenoid and valve technology, our production structures, processes and products are also under the spotlight.

Together, we take on new challenges and focus on standards of the future.

Industry 4.0 topics

  • flexible production:
    significantly better networking and digitalization of the production environment, better coordinated production steps, higher productivity
  • changeable production environment:
    modular design of production lines, flexible production of different or individualized products, increase of profitability, individual production in small quantities profitable
  • optimized logistics solutions:
    Calculation and optimization of commodity chains by algorithms, independent information transfer from machines to humans
  • clear customer orientation:
    closer connection between consumer and producer: smart products capture the wishes and requirements of the target group and enable the production of optimized products, higher customer involvement in individual products
  • effective use of all data:
    enormous amount of data offers new service possibilities, Big Data as a basis for digital communication and processing
  • Use of up-to-date communication and information technology in industry for a nearly complete networking between people, machines and products
  • Networking of systems enables data and information exchange during the entire product life cycle and along the entire value chain Exchange of data and information within the production cycle allows the entire production line to communicate with each other
  • Direct integration of customers and business partners in business and value-added processes and the combination of production and high-quality services optimize companies and value-added networks and control them almost in real time

Future with nass magnet

IO-Link is the new standard

For maximum compatibility and with a focus on the future, nass magnet is oriented towards tomorrow's technology and focuses all business decisions on Industry 4.0 including the new communication standard IO-Link. Therefore we are continuously working on the expansion of the IO-Link technology for more and more products from our portfolio.

Solve problems before they arise
Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance describes a maintenance process based on the evaluation of process and machine data and is mainly found in the linguistic context of Industry 4.0. By processing historical as well as real-time data, predictions are made possible, which form the basis for need-based maintenance and consequently the reduction of downtimes. We at nass magnet are constantly modernizing our own production in order to also operate predictive maintenance in our company.

Ambitions for the future

We are working with leading software developers to further expand Industry 4.0 with topics such as IO-Link and Predictive Maintenance.

In doing so, we also test and develop on our own production: our machines and systems provide us with the perfect test environment to constantly perfect ourselves and our products.

  • development of individual new products
  • development of all-round solutions
  • continuous support right up to the series maturity stage
  • simulation and expertise
  • consultation regarding the deployment of our products
  • sample production
  • series production

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