Our social and ecological promise

True innovation is sustainable and takes responsibility

How do we want to position ourselves as the company of tomorrow? As a traditional company with a long history, this is a question that has always determined the course of the company group nass magnet. Innovation and community have always been our most important points of orientation.

However, innovation does not only mean new ideas, but also sustainability and responsibility: For our employees, for our environment. For our customers and partners. For us, innovation also means responsibility for the generations of tomorrow and beyond. That is why we as a group of companies focus on social and economic sustainability in our Code of Conduct.

"We face changing requirements with innovative spirit and the sustainable view to offer the best customer solution, to save resources and to protect the environment." - Excerpt from the quality policy of the company group nass magnet.

Sustainability is a continuous process. That is why we rely on a continuous, internal improvement system. This includes both the quality of our products and thus their longevity as well as the improvement of our structures and actions. To this end, employees from various teams are tasked with actively scrutinizing our processes and checking for opportunities. As a result, we have already been able to implement numerous measures worldwide that make our daily work more ecological: The switch to environmental printing plants and the reduction of waste are just two examples of our daily activities.

This vision is the common mission of all members of the company group nass magnet. Together, we turn agreements into a lived, innovative corporate culture.

Proactive in protecting the environment

Protecting the environment is a high-priority aspect for nass magnet. Our development and production is in compliance with current legal requirements and regulations for environmental protection.

However, we go one step further: environmental protection measures are implemented proactively. They are an integral part of the production and its optimization.

  • Further reduction of potential environmental impacts as a possible side effect of continuous improvement is a permanent aspect of the nass magnet agenda.
  • We continuously communicate the topic of environmental protection with the relevant authorities and the public.

  • The employees are informed and dedicated to fully support the measures at hand.

  • nass magnet is open-minded towards external proposals on how to protect the environment and will implement suggested measures where applicable.
  • nass magnet is involved in the ecological project for integrated environmental technology of Hanover, in short Ecoprofit Hanover, as a contribution to Agenda 21 Click on the logo to learn more about our contribution.

The energy costs and energy efficiency measures of nass magnet Hungária Kft. in the annual report of E.ON.:


We support, we demand.

Social commitment, especially with regard to the adolescent generation, is a matter of course for nass magnet. Our experience shows that this is by no means a one-way-street.

Mutual respect and appreciation are important key aspects at nass magnet. This is best achieved, if the support we offer is in balance with the effort or the commitment we receive, in return.

Nass magnet establishes and maintains cooperation with schools and universities in Lower Saxony and offers support (both in career and athletic terms) to competitive athletes.

  • scholarships and material support (technical devices) are being offered
  • Our technicians and engineers have put together a program including application-oriented physics lessons and a walkabout experience at our production facilities and laboratories.
  • If possible, we offer jobs tailored to suit the needs of competitive athletes.

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