Armature Assembly

Armature Assembly

The armature assembly is the pressure-tight internal part of a solenoid valve. nass magnet produces its components from round material in brass, as well as from stainless steel using diverse alloys. The selection of the sealing material (elastomer) is always based on the operating and ambient conditions of the application.

The standard seals used are made of FKM. NBR, HNBR, MVQ, EPDM and FFKM are available on request. Hard-sealing materials such as PTFE are available for process technology applications. This expands the range of applications to include a variety of media for lower and higher temperature ranges.

Sealing materials suitable for oxygen or other aggressive gaseous media are available on request.

Most armature systems have a short-circuiting ring as standard. They can alternatively be used with solenoid coils at DC as well as AC voltage.

Non-ferrous metal shorting rings are offered as an option.

The portfolio is rounded off with threaded and flanged connections, whereby in the latter case a mounting plate is required to fix the armature system in the valve body.

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