Customized solutions


Customized solutions

You need a new component or prefer a complete solution from one hand. This requires that all necessary steps until the product is ready for series production can be made in one company - with experience, precision and reliability.

In short: Innovation by nass magnet.

Project business

All-round-service up to series production

  • Assistance in solving problems and finding ideas
  • advice on the use of the products
Development of new products
  • Continuous support by our development department
  • From the first idea to the start of production
In-house plant and tool construction
  • Conception and construction of production facilities and tools
  • Tailored to customer requirements
Series production
  • Completion and monitoring up to the serial production
  • Support of external serial production

Quality - for us a standard of service

Current certification guidelines now define the quality of product and production. These guidelines and the expectation of the customer for our product quality characterize the entire workflow at nass magnet.

  • Experienced production of our tools and early quality planning (APQP)
  • Many years of experience in the construction and construction of our equipment and manufacturing facilities.
  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • DIN EN ISO 14001
  • IATF 16949


Operated clutch solenoid

Application: vehicle – electromagnetic coupling

Ambient temperature: - 40 °C to + 120 °C

Output: 40 W

Voltage: 16 V DC

Twin boost system
  • When installed in a car. the twin boost system regulates the adaptive air suspension, i.e. the pneumatic suspension including controlled damping of the body at different levels, which controls the distance between the car and the ground.
  • Twin boost provides a smooth ride with optimum comfort and a sporty feel when driving.
  • Since 2014, the system has been produced in large numbers in Veszprém, Hungary, for German and American premium manufacturers.
3/2 way solenoid valve

Application: commercial vehicle, air treatment, brake

Operating pressure: 0 bar ... 13 bar

Nominal size: 0,8 mm ... 2,5 mm

Ambient temperature: -40°C ... +85°C

nominal voltage: 24 V DC PWM

Valve types: 3/2, NC


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  • development of individual new products
  • development of all-round solutions
  • continuous support right up to the series maturity stage
  • simulation and expertise
  • consultation regarding the deployment of our products
  • sample production
  • series production

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