Hydrogen Valve Solutions


Hydrogen Valve Solutions

In the reengineering of energy infrastructure, the nascent hydrogen economy and Industry 4.0 are pivotal forces driving the modernization of production ecosystems. As trailblazers in this arena, we position ourselves as your strategic partner, committed to collaboratively crafting innovative solutions that significantly contribute to a sustainable and future-proof energy landscape.

We switcH2 into the future

As a leading supplier in solenoid valve technology, nass magnet has a responsibility to help shape the future of the energy industry.

In 2020, the company group made the groundbreaking decision to develop a specialized hydrogen product line, thereby making an active contribution to decarbonization, climate protection, and energy security.

The H2 Product Line

We are proud to introduce our H2-Ready solenoid valves, characterized by the highest quality and technological innovation. Our products provide solutions for both mobile and stationary applications within the H2 infrastructure, enabling efficient system design in hydrogen applications, thereby unlocking the full potential of the technology.

Our valve technologies are tailored to meet the specific needs of the hydrogen industry. With precision and quality, we offer:

Precision Hydrogen Release

Suitable for various pressure levels up to 875 bar, ideal for the targeted release of hydrogen from storage tanks as used in the 350 and 700 bar refueling technology.

Mastering Fuel Cell Efficiency

Enables efficient regulation of hydrogen mass flow to precisely and powerfully design the fuel cell system

Efficient By-Product Removal

Optimally suited for the removal of by-products such as pure water. 

Potential and Development

Your Partner
For a Sustainable Future

nass magnet is at the forefront of hydrogen innovation. Through ongoing testing of our prototypes and a broad product portfolio that covers various application areas, we are well-prepared for the hydrogen future. Our commitment is reflected in the development and implementation of your applications, aiming to set new benchmarks and drive progress in the industry.

Please contact us to realize your specifications or concepts.

Partnership for Change
Synergy for Sustainability

Leveraging decades of expertise in solenoid valve technology and a commitment to innovation, we offer a solid platform for a collaborative partnership to reshape the hydrogen economy and accelerate decarbonization.

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