Challenges and opportunities

Andreas Gelking

Challenges and opportunities

Family-run companies are the backbone of the German economy. Making up 90% of all German companies, they are the most important form of enterprise in Germany. They generate roughly half of all turnover in the country, employ more than 50% of all workers covered by social security and provide 80% of all training positions. They are simultaneously job creators and drivers of growth, both in times of crisis and economic boom.

We, nass magnet GmbH, are the heart of german economy!

And yet:

Here in Germany, it is chiefly the large companies that receive the most attention and are seen as shaping the economy. This is because very few people know that family-run companies are the ones that play the crucial role in determining Germany‘s economic fate. They are the centres of economic creativity and efficiency that make Germany the envy of the rest of the world.

Famous brands with comparable performance are of greater interest to graduates and younger skilled workers, whereas the economic significance of family-run companies is largely underestimated and these businesses are overlooked.

In this regard, nass magnet GmbH faces great challenges, but — far more significantly — it faces excellent opportunities as well. When it comes to the war for promising talent, many medium-sized companies remain in a cosy hibernation of sorts, largely invisible.

However, the nass magnet corporate group is awake and has taken up the fight. We will achieve greater visibility!

We are going on the offensive in our recruiting. Supported by the creative minds in our marketing department and our HR officer Ms Bellhäuser, we are exploring new, modern approaches, showing ourselves to Hanover and the wider region and will also refuse to shy away from the strategic use of corporate review sites.

We have nothing to fear from extensive feedback after all, we have a lot to offer, starting with our company culture and cohesion (particularly noticeable in recent months), opportunities for professional development, beneficial offers for all company staff, focus on reconciling professional and family life, ability to quickly and flexibly react to varying market demands and, last but not least, our outstanding economic prospects.

We are rising to the challenges we face and seizing the opportunities we see!

Andreas Gelking
Head of HR, nass magnet GmbH


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