Compact Solenoid Valves


Compact Solenoid Valves

The product portfolio of nass magnet includes two different types of compact solenoid valves:

  • flangeable mounting
  • integrable in a cavity

All compact valves are finely calibrated to achieve uniformly high flow rates and short switching times.


The solenoid valves (cartridge types C9 and C13), which can be integrated into a cavity, have a rotationally symmetrical valve housing for the pneumatic ports, air supply and exhaust, and the working connection.

Cartridge solenoid valves are available in two diameters: 9 and 13 mm.

A soldered circuit board with LED and overvoltage protection is optional. Cartridge solenoid valves switch under power consumption from 0.4 to 1.2 watts. The Cartridge 13 is also available in a particularly energy-efficient bistable version.

The following switching functions are standard: 2/2 NC (normally closed), 3/2 NC, 2/2 NO (normally open) and 3/2 NO.

Depending on the variant, the pressure range is up to 10 bar. For a design at negative pressure please contact us.

The flange-mount compact valve 3-10 was designed in accordance with DIN VDE 0580 and can be blocked at a pitch of 10 mm.

It is optionally available with LED and voltage protection, as well as with a litz plug connection. Other connection variants (pins, pads, etc.) are available on request.

The versions in DC voltage switch even without power-reducing PWM control at a low nominal power of 0.6 to 1.0 W - depending on flow rate and pressure range.

The pneumatic interface complies with ISO-15218. Monostable, pressurized manual operation is standard, but can be omitted on customer request.


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