Application areas


Application areas

A look at different possible applications of our modular and compact range reveals the numerous opportunities provided by nass magnet’s high quality products.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, that will be our motivation to find another solution that will matches your requirements.

Mobile applications

Whether on land or in the water, on roads or on rails - with nass magnet you will pick up speed. We have been in the mobile industry with our products since the 1960s. Our valves and solenoids have proven themselves in cars and commercial vehicles, in high-performance trains or in maritime technology in a wide range of applications!

Medical Technology

Since 2006, nass magnet products have been used in a wide range of equipment in the most diverse areas of medical technology. Adaptable to any extreme environmental conditions, our products ensure reliable functionality - whenever it counts!

Industrial Pneumatics

As a co-founder of the industry, nass magnet is one of the most experienced partners on the market when it comes to work performance or control of technical components. Our products are versatile and can be used in the most diverse areas of industry - also with extended explosion protection.

Agricultural Engineering

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in Germany. Therefore it must not fail because of the quality in the associated technology. The valves from nass magnet have been at home in agricultural engineering for almost 40 years now and support farmers in their daily work.

Supply Engineering

In order to be able to supply your own buildings and facilities with energy, materials and data at all times, appropriate technical measures are indispensable. With our valve solutions, we ensure a reliable supply in the most diverse fields of application of technology.

Process Engineering

For process technology as an interdisciplinary engineering science, nass magnet combines decades of experience with experienced technical know-how in order to offer individual and customized solutions.

  • development of individual new products
  • development of all-round solutions
  • continuous support right up to the series maturity stage
  • simulation and expertise
  • consultation regarding the deployment of our products
  • sample production
  • series production

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