Process Engineering


Process Engineering

Change and innovation as a continuous process

Further development and change are an important topic at nass magnet. This does not only mean the will to innovate within our company, but also our products, which support our customers when changes take place.

Since the late 1970s, nass magnet has been successful in the field of process technology. It all began back then with the production of System 16 valve solenoids for GSR Ventiltechnik. Then as now, the areas of application of process technology valves are very application-oriented and special due to the high demands on the materials with regard to their durability. This is why valves based on a profound and validated system design have always been close to our heart - all in tight coordination with our customers.


Fire extinguishing systems

In permanently installed fire extinguishing systems, our valves are used to control and release extinguishing agents.

High pressure applications

nass magnet valves support heat exchangers in high-pressure applications and are therefore particularly powerful.

Food industry

Our valves for level control are installed in silos in the food industry.

Dosing systems

Our valves mix and dose 2K-adhesives or other highly viscous media in their manufacturing process.

  • development of individual new products
  • development of all-round solutions
  • continuous support right up to the series maturity stage
  • simulation and expertise
  • consultation regarding the deployment of our products
  • sample production
  • series production

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