nass magnet GmbH

  • Founded in 1978
  • Around 320 employees
  • Head office of the company group
  • Central office for staff, IT, project management, purchasing, finance, sales (worldwide)
  • Product and process development, quality management
  • Product optimisation, development of variants, rationalisation
  • Plastic injection moulding, machining, assembly, simulation, testing technology
  • Construction of tools, moulds, fixtures, plants and prototypes
  • Pilot valves, solenoid coils, valve systems, armature systems
  • Special applications

    Klaus H. Kirchheim (Head), Patrick Oelkers (Technical), Michael Weper (Supply Chain, IT), Dr. Hubert Hartwig (Finance)

    Sales tax identification number: DE811276327

    nass magnet Hungária Kft.

    • Founded in 1998
    • Around 380 employees
    • Coil winding and assembly
    • Electronics manufacturing (industry)
    • Injection moulding (coating)
    • Electronics, electrical connectors, appliance outlets
    • Distribution of appliance outlets (worldwide)
    • Complete distribution and logistics for America, Italy, Eastern Europe and the Middle East
    • Line sockets in accordance with DIN 175301-803 A/B/C/Micro
    • Special applications

      Klaus H. Kirchheim (President), Nils-Patrick Müller (commercial), Patrick Oelkers (technical)

      Sales tax identification number: HU13315328

      nass controls

      • Founded in 1988   
      • Around 20 employees   
      • Sales and logistics for North America as well as countries in South America, Australia and Oceania   
      • Inspecting and adapting assembly groups to country-specific requirements   
      • Final assembly of production components   
      • Manufacture of market-specific variants and commercial goods

        Randy Bennett (President), Klaus H. Kirchheim (Vice President)

        nass magnet Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd.

        • Founded in 2013
        • Expansion on the Chinese market
        • Service, distribution and logistics for China

          Karsten Langer


          All companies are part of the Kirchheim group and are privately owned.


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