Reliably adaptable under all circumstances

No compromises when it comes to medical care! With valves from nass magnet we ensure reliable functionality of important equipment in various areas of medical technology. Since 2006 nass magnet has also entered the medical technology sector with valves for systems engineering in dental practices and has been successful in large parts of the industry since then.

Due to the high demands on the conformity of our products to the Medical Devices Act, nass magnet has a high customer-specific need for developments that meet the corresponding requirements of sterility, clean room production and packaging concepts. Once again, the combination of our many years of experience and our love of individual detail has proven its worth here, making the difference and providing reliable support to every user.



Miniature valves of nass magnet are used in dialysis machines. They are particularly low in heat and reliable.

Secretion aspiration

Vacuum miniature valves ensure the functionality and effectiveness of devices for secretion aspiration.


Our miniature valves support the incubators for the care of premature babies and therefore work extra quietly.

Stationary inhalation air supply

Oxygen-compatible valves from nass magnet are used for stationary inhalation air supply.

  • development of individual new products
  • development of all-round solutions
  • continuous support right up to the series maturity stage
  • simulation and expertise
  • consultation regarding the deployment of our products
  • sample production
  • series production

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