Our new mission statement

Our new mission statement

From tradition, innovation. Together!


„Anyone who has visions should go to the doctor“ – or so says the famous quote by former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. This is often used lightheartedly as an introductory comment when talking about a mission statement, and, in this context, also a vision for the future. According to this, Helmut Schmidt preferred „doing“ to „dreaming“.

The year 2018 showed us in spectacular fashion what we are capable of.

While we are, of course, delighted by the clear reduction in scrap costs and the higher-than-targeted revenue, by no means do these do justice to the true events in this case.

Our vision, the derivation of concrete goals and the consistent implementation of measures that serve solely to fulfil their respective goal and thus realise the vision have played a pioneering and essential role here. Our performance and the critical success factors can be explained best using the example of last year‘s warehouse fire (see article in iMAGE 01/2018).

Our warehouse was ablaze. A life-threatening catastrophe. Each of us had a singular vision in our head: nass magnet will survive this event unharmed. It was neither formulated nor written down. Not decided by a majority or commented on by anyone. Not rejected because of unlikely obstacles. And it was not amended, optimised and revised over and over.

Our goals were clear and focussed: To secure our workplaces, serve our customers and preserve our financial and cultural values – to save our organisation.

We didn‘t waste time

on repercussions, and there was no room for doubt. We searched for new solutions. We held regular votes, made decisions based on the situation and worked simultaneously. Everyone understood their roles. We did not refer to „the rules“. Nobody was criticised for or prevented from encroaching on other work areas. Everyone went the extra mile and reached out to their counterparts to make sure that goals were met. Everyone knew that their own commitment was their contribution to that success. They trusted one another. We worked together.

And it paid off!

We realised our vision and achieved the goals we derived by consistently implementing targeted measures. Yet again, we have shown that we have the necessary adaptability and courage to overcome complex and unpredictable challenges with confidence, even in times of crisis. The ideal conditions for staying in control of rapid changes.

Sustainability through profitable growth in order to safeguard jobs, preserve financial and cultural values in the long term and maintain strong business partnerships with customers and suppliers. Our well-established corporate goal has been reinforced.

Due to this life-threatening event, the vision was so emotionally charged and the goal so clear that they were unmistakeably at the forefront of our minds. This taught us a great deal about our strengths, and boosted our self-confidence enormously. We know that the success factors and values mentioned are strongly rooted in our corporate culture, and that we reach our goals especially quickly when everyone contributes to our collective success.

We understand that we are all in the same boat and can reach any destination port when we pool our strengths and work together.

Let‘s use this self-confidence and team spirit to become the leading manufacturer of electromagnetic and valve technology.

Let‘s set forth together and each do our part.

Patrick Oelkers
Management, nass magnet GmbH


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