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Digital togetherness during the Covid pandemic

Digital togetherness during the Covid pandemic

How we can be close and share experiences, even now

The Covid-19 pandemic still dominates not only our economy but our social lives. Even when the lifting of restrictions and number of infections is changing constantly, many of us still prefer to remain socially distant. What we end up missing out on in particular are shared moments with friends and family. If they didn‘t already exist before, the Covid crisis has led to the development of many digital alternatives for this: Over the last year, tabletop games, art courses and sports opportunities have adjusted to the situation and provided their services without the need for direct contact. In this article, you‘ll find a couple of ideas for how we can find ways to connect, even now — for the next family meet-up, team event or a fun night with friends.

Playing and puzzling together

To play together, no matter who with or who against, is part of our natural behaviour. No wonder that innumerable opportunities for this are available online. Of course you can use, as our colleagues on the e-sports team do, a games console to go on missions together, but often a tablet or even a smart phone is already enough. Besides those games which were specially developed for online gaming, a lot of well-known tabletop games are also available online. Classics such as Uno and Scrabble are represented as well as the popular card game Wizard. How about a round of „Settlers of Catan“ with the family? These are especially fun when you also have the webcam on and everyone can see and hear each other. This can work via Skype, Zoom or even Facebook Messenger.

Tip: If you want to try a really tricky evening, you can book your group into a virtual escape room. As with a physical escape room, you need to solve puzzles digitally with your team to get from room to room.

A cosy movie night

We haven‘t been able to go to the cinema or watch a the Sunday thriller together for a long time. However, we need not miss out on this kind of entertainment entirely: How about a movie night on your very own sofa? So-called „watch parties“ make this possible. Various streaming services provide the option of watching a film together while everyone stays within their own four walls. They ensure that there are no time delays when the film starts and no one can secretly keep watching during pauses. To get the atmosphere right, however, you should definitely grab some popcorn.

Giving creativity space

Creating something, finding inner peace, stimulating your imagination — art has a fantastic effect on us. Anyone who doesn‘t like painting on their own or can‘t think of anything, might find what they‘re looking for in online art courses. With some formats, you are sent all the materials you need in advance and then you can get creative with other people on a set date. A great activity you can do especially well with friends. Because in courses like this, getting the technique right, even if it‘s what the teacher wants you to do, isn‘t really the point; having fun and interacting with others is far more important.

Enjoying the finer things during the Covid crisis

Your favourite restaurant has been closed for months and you can‘t try out any new kinds of wine at the bar — never mind. There‘s an alternative here too. Admittedly, an online cooking course does need you to step up to the cooker yourself but you can also learn a thing or two. The main point here again is to interact with other people: As you cook together, you get chatting. Those who would rather just test the food, could sign up to a wine- or gin-tasting. As with the real deal, all drinks are made available — per package. You don‘t even have to miss out on the expertise of the drinks experts as this is provided via live-stream.

Get active together again

One thing is clear: Covid has not exactly contributed to our fitness levels. All the gyms are closed, team sports are only permitted on a limited basis (or only online) and your running club can‘t meet up either. Since the best form of motivation comes from the group, however, you can rely on shared courses and dates here too. Many gyms and personal trainers are offering sporting diversions via video. No matter whether you need a yoga course for relaxation or Zumba to shake off the stress, getting active takes us out of our daily routine and frees the spirit. Anyone who wants to learn more, could also attend a dance class — this doesn‘t just tone your muscles, but enlivens your partnership too.

Martin-R. Bartz
Marketing, nass magnet GmbH