Open indoor championship FFVH 2019

Team nass magnet at football tournament

Open indoor championship FFVH 2019

With the catchphrase „Activities by nass magnet“, nass magnet GmbH sponsors its staff in various opportunities for communal sport and leisure activities. In addition to the company runs B2Run around the Maschsee lake in Hanover (Germany) and Ultrabalaton around the Plattensee lake in Hungary, we are now also incorporating the ever-popular game of football in our programme.


Impressions of the first trial run

Nothing was able to get in the way of an initial trial run in the form of a free football tournament. A 5-man team was put together on the spot and registered for a free football tournament. This way, participation in future tournaments and operations could be estimated more effectively. Despite initial obstacles, such as different working hours, for example, the team were able to line up without any problems. To prepare for the tournament and for team-building purposes, the team completed two training sessions at the Langenhagen Soccerpark.

The tournament

IIn the Soccer and Racket Park in the Döhren district, „Team nass magnet“ stepped up for kick-off on 9th February 2019, for the FFVH e.V. open indoor championship.

After a brief warm-up, our team found itself up against a superior force in two matches – experienced teams who had clearly won some games together already and were, perhaps as expected, leading 5:3. However, they didn‘t give up without a fight: Our goalie was able to save 8 out of 13 shots on goal, and the runners kept up. In the two following rounds, their training paid off as finely-tuned passes and consistent teamwork led Team nass magnet to victory.

This is what‘s next

We will set up additional football teams and look for opportunities to take part in further tournaments and training sessions together.

Of course, everyone is invited to join the „nass magnet football stars“ on their journey and cheer them on!

You‘d like to play football?
So would we! Become part of the team!
Send an e-mail, internal mail or call:

Contact person: Raphael Laschke

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