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System 13


System 13

The name “System 13” stands for a modular system of solenoid coils, armature systems, solenoid operators and solenoid valves. The diameter of the armatures of all valve components is approximately 13 mm. This value is the major characteristic of this type. The components' efficiency has been increased to the optimum in years of simulation, construction and practical testing.

Application of System 13

The solenoid operators and solenoid valves of system 13 can be used for operating 2/2- or 3/2 way valves, especially in pneumatics.  Available switching functions are normally closed and normally open.

For 3/2 way valves of this series, typical maximum values for operating pressure and nominal width are 40 bar/5 mm. The solenoid operators and solenoid valves are designed for the use with compressed air or other neutral gases.

2/2 way solenoid operators and solenoid valves can also be used for controlling non-aggressive liquids.


While the solenoid operator/solenoid valve is deenergized, the armature (1) is being pushed down on the lower valve seat (3) by the reset spring (2). The lower valve seat is closed by a sealing element (4). In this switch position the upper valve seat (5) in the magnetic core is open. When the valve is energized, the magnetic force exceeds the force of the reset spring and moves the armature into the opposite extreme position. In this case the upper valve seat (5) is closed by the sealing element (6), whereas the lower valve seat (3) is open.

Solenoid operators and solenoid valves have identical functionality. However, if solenoid operators are ordered, neither the lower valve seat nor the valve body is shipped.

Those components have to be provided by the customer.

2/2 way valves do not have an upper valve seat. Besides that, the function of the magnet is identical.

We reserve the right to make product changes without notice. For use other than general industrial pneumatics, please consult factory.

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