Armature Assembly 106-010-0002

  • System 6
  • Function: 3/2 NC
  • Flange with O-ring Groove
  • Material: brass
  • Orifice inlet: 0,8 mm

The armature assembly or anchor system is the valve piece of nass magnet’s modular solenoid valve system.

An internal stainless steel poppet moves up and down to seal on the top and bottom valve seats.  nass magnet provides armatures in multiple sizes depending on the application’s flow requirement. The OD tube sizes range from 7.4mm to 18.2mm and flow ranges from 12 l/min to 165 l/min. The valve seat orifice sizes ranges from 0.6mm to 4.0mm and higher for special applications. Choose the correct material for the application as nass magnet offers tubes in brass and stainless steel.

Four common pneumatic functions are available which include:

  • 2/2 normally closed(NC),
  • 3/2 normally closed(NC),
  • 2/2 normally open(NO) and
  • 3/2 normally open(NO).

The seals in the poppet are FKM (standard), but NBR, HNBR, MVQ, EPDM are available for different media and temperatures. Most of our armatures are designed to accept AC and DC voltages.  Some armatures are DC only for low watt applications .

nass magnet offers flexibility as the connection to the seat cavity can be with a thread/o-ring seal style or o-ring flange style that requires a mounting plate.

More Information
System affiliationSystem 6
Power Level1
Electrical operating modeDC
Connection TypeFlange with O-ring Groove
pneumatic operating mode3/2 NC
Orifice Size Inlet0,8 mm
Orifice Size Exhaust0,9 mm
Min. Operating Pressure0,0 bar
Max. Operating Pressure8,0 bar
Surface Coating Armature Tubechem. Nickel on brass
Coating of armaturechem. Nickel on brass
Sealing material in the armatureFKM
Initial lubricationwith initial lubrication
Permissible operating temperature min.-10 °C
Permissible operating temperature max.170 °C
Drawing number0556 01.6-00
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