Frequently used plastics

plastic shorthand symbol kind type
Polyamide PA6 und PA66 Polykondensat Thermoplast
Polyoxymethylen POM Polymerisat Thermoplast
Polyphenylensulfid PPS Polykondensat Thermoplast
Polyvinylidenfluorid PTFE Polymerisat Thermoplast
Polybutylenterephthalat PBT Polykondensat Thermoplast
Acrylnitril-Butatien-Styrol ABS Copolymerisat Thermoplast
Epoxidharz EP Polyaddukt Thermoset

The materials mentioned are subject to data-specific storage and processing.
Further details regarding thermal and mechanical properties may be found in the relevant technical literature.
The use of the individual materials depends on specific customer requirements matched to the prescribed data.

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