Quality in manufacturing – quality in logistics

Not only the products themselves, but also their packaging must meet nass magnets high standards. Armature and valve systems, magnetic coils and valves are being shipped in extremely stable reusable plastic packaging systems while taking into account the products’ size, shape and weight.

This ensures a safe, clean in-house transport.
There is no need for repackaging the order for delivery to the customer which saves additional costs.
This avoids confusion by manual product handling.
Safe transportation to the customer is ensured.
Automated unpacking is possible.
Low disposal effort helps to preserve the environment.

nass magnet sets value on the safe and immediate transport of the finished goods. We cooperate closely with trusted and tested forwarding companies. This allows for;

cost-effective transport,
a customer invoice including the shipping costs,
reliable transport times.

If requested we will, of course, use the shipping company of the customer’s choice.

The nass magnet logistics team is happy to answer any further packaging/transportation related questions with regards to;

the free-of-charge return shipment procedure of our reusable packaging (proof for improper use, obvious signs of wear and tear, dirt that is difficult to remove, untenable damage and deformations),
the handling of disposable packaging,
the fillers used
and many more.
Contact:Dierk Dreyer
Head of Logistics
Phone +49 511 6746-165
Fax +49 511 6746-256