Solenoid Valve System 6-15

Switching function: 3/2 way (2/2 way on request)
De-energized state: NC (normally closed), NO (normally open)
Electrical Connection: form C – EN 175301-803-C
Operating voltage:24 V DC
Sealing material: sealing element HNBR, gasket NBR
Voltage tolerance: ± 10 %
Ambient temperature: - 10 °C bis + 50 °C
Relative duty cycle: 100 %
Activation/deactivation period according to ISO/CD12238norminal 8 ms/6 ms
Insulation class of insulating materials according to DIN VDE 0580: F
Degree of protection with connector according to EN 60529: IP 65
Class of protection:1/3, depending on operating voltage
Quality of medium according to ISO 8573-1:Compressed quality air class 3, 3, 3
Mounting position:any (preferably plunger in vertical direction)
Imprint: nass magnet (customer imprint possible)

Further details can be found in our catalog (PDF)